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Sewer Department Information
Phone: 645-4246
Office Location:North Jay Facility
32 Jerry Street, North Jay Village

Mark Holt, Superintendent
Alfred Richards, Operator


Billing Questions: Contact the Jay Town Office, 340 Main St. , 897-6785

Q) I plan to build a house in Jay and wish to connect to the Town sewer system. Who do I contact ?
A) Call the Sewer Department @ 645-4246. A sewer connection permit is required prior to connection to the Town main. Not all areas of the Town are served by Town sewer. Therefore, the Sewer Department will need to know the location of your intended connection to determine whether or not Town sewer service will be available. The connection fee for residential customers is $100.00 and commercial establishments are $200.00

Q) Who connects my home to the Town sewer main ?
A) A contractor is hired by the homeowner to install the service line and make the connection to the Town main under the supervision of the Sewer Department staff. All costs associated with the service connection are borne by the homeowner.

Q) Do I need a backflow preventer for my sewer service line?
A) Yes. A backflow preventer is required as per the Maine State Plumbing Code, Section 710.1 and is required by the Town of Jay Sewer Use Ordinance, Section 2.2, Q. The Town will not be responsible for backup into homes or businesses without backflow preventers (or with faulty backflow preventers).

Q) Once the service line is installed and operational, does the Town assume responsibility for the maintenance of my service and its connection to the main?
A) No. The homeowner is responsible for their service line and its connection to the Town main. The Town is responsible for the maintenance of the sewer main in the street from manhole to manhole.

Q) I am on Town sewer and my sewer line seems to be plugged. Who should I call first - a plumber or the Sewer Department ?
A) Call the Sewer Department first. The main in the street may be causing the problem. If so, the Town will solve the problem without cost to the homeowner. If a plumber is called first and determines the problem is in the Town sewer main, the homeowner will most likely receive a bill for the plumbers services. This bill will not be paid by the Town.

Q) If I am having a problem with my service line after normal business hours (nights, weekends, holidays) and/or I get a recorded message at the Sewer Department, who do I call ?
A) Call the ​Franklin County Dispatch Center at 778-6140. The dispatcher will contact the "on call" person for the Sewer Department.

Q) I have sewage flowing into my home from my sewer service line. Who do I call ?
A) Call the ​Franklin County Dispatch Center at 778-6140. The dispatcher will contact the "on call" person for the Sewer Department. This could be a problem with the Town sewer main which could cause damage to your home. The dispatcher will contact the Sewer Department personnel to respond to your home immediately.

Q) I have some used cooking oil, bacon fat, dish cloths, battery acid, used motor oil, anti-freeze, small toys, extra dish soap and a 5 gallon container of liquid that I have no idea what it is, etc. - can I dispose of these materials by pouring them down the sink or by flushing them down the toilet ?
A) No. The Town sewer system and treatment facilities are not designed to handle these sorts of waste. By disposing of these types of materials in this manner you could damage or plug your own service line causing a back-up into your home. You could also cause damage to the main or cause an upset at the treatment facility. You should know that most discharges of this type can be traced back to their point of origin (CSI Sewer Department style). All costs related to damages caused by these sorts of discharges may be recovered by the Town.

Q) I spend my winters in the southern states. Therefore, I have the water shut off and do not reside in my home for a good portion of the year. Can I receive and abatement for any portion of my sewer bill ?
A)No​, but your sewer bill may be calculated in a different manner.   Contact the Town Office for the proper form.  

If you have a specific question or require additional information, please feel free to contact us.


Mark L. Holt, Superintendent, Jay Sewer Department

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