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What is single sort recycling?

For more information on our recycling program click here


Transfer Station Hours

Tues-Friday 9-3

Saturday 8-4

Curbside Collection

Bags shall be placed at curbside no earlier than 4:00 P.M. on the day prior to the scheduled pick up but must be set out by 5:00 A.M. the morning of collection. All containers and any material not picked up shall be removed from the curbside by 7:00 A.M. following the day of collection.

Recyclable materials shall be placed at the curb separate from Solid Waste. All items shall be segregated and prepared as directed by the Town. Items not segregated and prepared as directed will be left at the curb. All Acceptable Solid Waste bags and recyclable containers set out for curbside pickup shall be no more than 33 gallons or more than 70 pounds of weight. Bags or containers exceeding 70 pounds will not be picked up. Recyclable Materials which do not fit within the recycling containers may be set out for curbside collection provided that such Material is broken down, secured and bundled together so as not to exceed 50 pounds. No bulky waste, construction debris or demolition debris shall be placed curbside.

Wood ash may be left at the curb for collection provided it has completely cooled and is secured in a burnable container.

Persons using curbside collection services will be responsible for the trash and recyclables from their bags that are strewn because of overweight bags, overstuffed bags or animals. All residents must ensure that solid waste stored on their premises does not create a nuisance.

Beginning Dec. 2, 2015, the curbside collection program will be provided by a private contractor rather than by municipal employees. The Contractor will service all residents and other entities that the Town has been servicing. Collection days are Wednesday and Thursday each week, please refer to the street listing below to determine your collection day.

Curbside Collection Route Schedule

Wednesday Pick Up: Adams Rd, Alden Hill Rd, Barker St, Bartlett Rd, Bean Rd, Beech Ridge Rd, Beedy Rd, Belanger Rd, Belleview Dr, Birchwood Rd, Borough Rd, Chesterville Rd, Church St, Claybrook Rd, Cook Rd, Cortland Rd, Crash Rd, Cross St, Dale Ln, Davis Rd, Depot St, Dubord St, E. Jay Rd, Eastern Ave, Elm St, Emery St, Emma’s Ln, Forest Cir, Fortier Rd, Franklin Rd, Free St, French Falls Ln, Gildersleeve Rd, Hermit Trail, Highland Rd, Hillsdale Rd, Horan St, Hyde Rd, Jewell St, Juniper Rd, Knapp St, Lavoie St, Ludden Dr, Main St (south of Intervale Rd), Maple St, Marcello St, Masterman Rd, Middle St, Moose Hill Rd, Orchard Dr, Osgood Rd, Otis St, Ouellette St, Pine St, Pineau St, Quirrion Rd, Rainbow Ridge, Reservoir Rd, Richardson Place, Riley Rd, Riverview Rd, Rose Ridge (seasonal), School Bus Rd, Soules Hill Rd, Spring St, Spruce Mtn Rd, Sunset Ave, Tessier Rd, Therrien Rd, Turmel Rd, Tweedie St, Village View, Vista View Dr, Warren Hill Rd, Water Tower Ln, Western Ave, Woodsdale Dr.

Thursday Pick Up: Alice’s Way, Allen St, Barbridge Dr, Begin Rd, Belmont Dr, Bickford Rd, BJ’s Ln, Bonnie Bog View (bi-weekly), Bridge St, Bryant Dr, Bucklin St, Canton Mtn Rd, Cemetery St, Chickadee Ave, Davenport Hill Rd, E. Dixfield Rd, Evergreen Rd, Farrington Rd, Fuller Rd, Granite Heights, Greenridge Way, Hidden Cir, Holman Rd, Hutchinson Rd, Intervale Rd, Jerry St, Keep Rd, Knoll Cir, Kyesland Ave, Lake School Rd, Lambert St, Latham Rd, Lomie Rivers Rd, Look Brook Cir, Lucarelli Rd, Macomber Hill Rd, Main St (north of Intervale Rd), Maxwell Road, Merriman St, Mill View Rd, Morse Hill Rd, Mountain View, Oak St, Old Jay Hill Rd, Pinewood Rd, Plaisted Rd, Pleasant Dr, Purington Rd, Quarry St, Rocky Rd, Rolling Ridge, Skyline Dr, Smith Ave, Stone St, Summit St, Therrien Trailer Park, Trask Trailer Park, Walker Hill Rd, White Ave, Woodman Hill Rd

Beginning Dec. 1, 2015 residents may use any trash bags that they choose. Recycling is still mandatory and residents are expected to do their part in helping our environment and our budget by adhering to this, but clear bags are no longer required. We will continue to sell the clear bags until our inventory is exhausted.


Latex paint is the ONLY paint product that can be disposed of as solid waste therefore it is the only paint accepted at the transfer station. Latex paint must be dried out before being added to household trash. This can be accomplished by simply removing the lid and allowing the paint to air dry or by adding shredded newspaper, kitty liter or a paint hardener to the can.

Most other paint products including oil based paint, marine paints, stains, etc. may be returned to an authorized paint collection site free of charge. Please see the attendant for a list of returnable paint products and a site near you.

Household Hazardous Waste

The Jay transfer station cannot collect or store HHW on site. We do sponsor a HHW Collection Day each year at which time residents can bring in HHW collected throughout the year for proper disposal. We will pay the disposal cost for 2 units (1 unit = 5 gal of liquid waste) per person. We are also members of the regional HHW collection site at 424 River Rd Lewiston, Me where our residents can drop off HHW in the same volumes as on our collection day. The regional site is open two Saturday mornings per month. Check for operating hours and rules at or stop in to the transfer station for more information.

Transfer Station Holiday Closings

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving and the day after
  • Christmas Day

 Curbside Collection Holiday Schedule

If your pick-up day falls on a Holiday, the pick-up will be the following day that week. Notice of this will be advertised & posted on the Town’s website.


Archie’s Inc. Mexico, ME 1-800-364-2425

Town of Jay Town Office 897-6785

Town of Jay Transfer Station 897-5552


Participating non-Residents towns are:

  • Fayette
  • Carthage


All residents using the facility are required to stop at the recycling building and speak with the attendant before unloading any material. All recyclable material, universal waste, batteries, anti-freeze, used engine oil, electronic waste, freon containing devices, propane tanks and tires must be left at the recycling building. The only material deposited beyond the recycling building will be trash, clean & pressure treated wood, brush, inert material (bricks, cement blocks), ashes and leaves.

MOTOR OIL - DO NOT mix with any other liquids. Pails are available to pour motor oil into at the Facility. No larger than 5 gal. containers will be accepted.

ANTIFREEZE - DO NOT mix with any other liquids. Bring to the Transfer Station in sealed containers and give to attendant.

GRASS/LEAVES/YARD WASTE FOR COMPOST MATERIAL: Must be clean, no wood, rock, branches or foreign objects.

WOOD WASTE - Maximum length of six feet. No larger than 1-ton truck loads accepted. Paint and nails are acceptable. Some furniture items may be wood waste. Remove metal brackets, hinges, etc.

Pressure treated wood- is to be separate from wood waste see attendant

BRUSH - Tree limbs, brush, etc. NO STUMPS! No wood longer than 6’. No limbs larger than 6" diameter. No larger than 1-ton truck loads accepted.

DEMOLITION DEBRIS - No shingles or wood. Demolition Debris includes all other building debris and Oversized Bulky Waste and pressure treated wood. No larger than 1-ton truck loads accepted. 

ASPHALT SHINGLES - Shingles and roofing paper only. Roofing nails accepted. No wood or metal flashing. No larger than 1-ton truck loads accepted.

METAL - No larger than 1-ton truck loads accepted. Please remove other material such as webbing from lawn chairs, wood tops from metal tables, etc. Give all propane tanks to the attendant; do not put in the metal container and do not try to vent the tanks.

UNIVERSAL WASTES - Compact Fluorescent Bulbs, Mercury Switches, Rechargeable Batteries, Desk Top Printers, Game Consoles, Digital Picture Frames, Computer Monitors/CPU, Televisions, Fluorescent light bulbs, PCB ballasts, mercury thermometers, mercury thermostats


Handle with care and give to the attendant. Universal wastes are only accepted from Jay residents and businesses. Businesses must see an attendant so that we may properly document receipt of these materials.


  • For safety reasons, children must remain in vehicles at all times
  • No bare feet anywhere!
  • You must stop to see an attendant before unloading any materials.
  • An attendant is generally at the Recycling Building.
  • Please separate your items into the proper categories before coming to the Center
  • Please be patient
  • Please plan to conclude your business at the Facility prior to closing time

In order to use the Recycling Facility & Transfer Station you must:

  • Display a valid Transfer & Recycling permit on your vehicle. Permits may be obtained at the Facility, by presenting your registration. A small, unobtrusive entry permit sticker will be placed in the lower passenger side of your wind shield. These stickers help to stem the use of our facility by non-residents.

Jay Transfer Station Share Shack

The Jay Transfer Station has set aside space for a share shack. This facility will be for Jay residents only. Items are not to be taken for resale or yard sales. The Town of Jay does not assume any liability for items taken from the Share Shack.

Rules for using the Share Shack

All items must be clean and in good condition. “Shopping” at the Share Shack will be limited to 15 minutes per day. Items left at the Share Shack will be retained for 5 days and then discarded at the discretion of the attendant.

Examples of Acceptable items

  • Wooden Furniture
  • Bed frames
  • End tables/coffee tables
  • House wares such as dishes, silverware
  • Plastic ware, pots, pans, glasses
  • Tools, hammers, etc.
  • Building Materials such as:
  • Bundles of unused shingles, unused nuts, bolts, washers, nails, etc.
  • Kids’ Corner items such as: Toys in good condition, puzzles(complete), Books, magazines, movies (No adult content)
  • Bicycles in good condition

Examples of Unacceptable Items

  • Nothing Upholstered
  • No Freon containing devices (without paying fee)
  • No tires
  • No Computers, TV’s, Appliances
  • No Clothing, shoes or bedding
  • No pillows, rugs, propane grills/tanks
  • No stuffed animals
  • No box springs or mattresses.
  • Only outdoor equipment in running condition is accepted.
  • No outdated car seats or baby equipment.

We are currently unable to locate an organization willing to place a collection box at our facility but the Salvation Army and Goodwill operate in Lewiston/Auburn and will happily accept your re-usable clothing.

If you require assistance, please see the attendant


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